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If you'd like to learn more about why I choose to invest in and become a distributor for Wor(l)d, then you can click on My View of Helo.

Here is the YouTube channel providing all the promotional and training videos on the Helo so you can see the functionality as well as the detail Wor(l)d has gone to make sure the launch of the first product is a success. You'll also see information about the international sales meetings in Dubai and Singapore in 2017.

If you want to buy just one Helo for yourself and still be able to earn income from your friends you refer (because they WILL want a Helo!), go to my Wor(l)d GN website to order the Helo and the $12 monthly membership: You'll miss out on the leadership role, but you'll still be able to benefit from your own sales.

Lauren Constantini does a great job talking about wearables: You’ll hear her talk about many sensing measurement devices that shown on individual devices. Most of these we have (or will) aggregated into our one Helo Device.

Go to my LinkedIn page to learn more about me: and connect with me. Go to my Facebook page to learn more about me personally:

Watch Nattida’s interview with Fabio Galdi, CEO and Founder of Wor(l)d Media & Technologies:

Chad’s full explanation of the Wor(l)D compensation program:

What is Direct Sales/Network Marketing and why does Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet own three network marketing companies?

What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG) anyway? This video is from my friend Bruce Blausen, professional medical illustrator:

Here is a report on wearable fitness trackers – you’ll recognize right-off how the Helo is different and more encompassing than Fitness Trackers!

12 Great TED Talks about connectivity, communications and wearables:

Please join me in this adventure - it will be nothing like what you have experienced before. I promise!!

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Welcome to our page discussing our latest portfolio company and the business opportunity that it brings to you who may be interested in becoming a part of the most advance technology company growing through the business model of network marketing. Watch this full presentation and make the decision to join us in this fantastic journey!

Welcome to our page discussing our latest portfolio company in the $30 Billion Wearable Health Technology space; and the business opportunity that it brings to those who may be interested in becoming a part of the most advanced technology companies growing through the business model of network marketing.

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Thinking about every other successful venture you've missed, if I gave you the opportunity to be one of our top leaders and to earn some revenue from every device sold through our worldwide organization, would you take that opportunity today?

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You will be asked to choose a user name that will become the name of your own Wor(l)d Helo website. Choose a name that you wish to promote and is easily remembered by others.

You are now in the wearable health tech business for under $2,000 including your first year's service. What other business allows you to enter the sector for so low a capital expense?

Once you have done all that, you can back out of the website and wait for your Helo devices to be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Between now and then, you and I will be planning a call to discuss our vision and goals together.

Now, next, call your stock broker or go to your online brokerage account and buy shares of WRMT. It’s an OTC trade and you can see by its ticker history that it is volatile. That is expected and if you’re a day trader that would be worrisome. However, we are in for the long term and we want to ride the success of the company over the next 10 to 20 years.

Not only will you benefit from all the sales that we will be generating, by owning stock in the company you will be an “owner” benefiting from the increase in the stock price that you are helping to drive up over the coming years of our great success.