Hello, for those who don’t know me from LinkedIn or Facebook, my name is Gordon Jones. Please indulge me for a moment while I brief you about who I am, because it is all relevant to the conversation today.

I am a doctor of health administration where I have been focused on digital health and technology for 25 years through my firm, Curating Health. I am the Principal owner and personal development coach of the firm, Createyourself.com, and the Chief Investment Officer for Birddog.Ventures.

I am a multi-sport athlete playing soccer (only coaching now) and tennis, running, triathlons, and a two time member of the US Men’s Masters Beach Ultimate Team winning Silver at the 2004 Games and Gold at the 2007 World Championships in Brazil.

I am also the son of parents who are in their 80s, aging in their home but whom need some looking after. My wife and I have also adopted 5 children to care for and raise to be independent and contributing adults. Four of them are boys under 15 still living at home.

I tell you all this because for several years now, I have been working with new technology to help doctors better engage with their patients so that the patient can get healthier faster. This tech has mostly been focused on communications, secure text messaging, telehealth, and sharing health records electronically.

Most recently, I have been working with the team at Elements of Genius on a wearable device that will enable adult children (like most of our team) who are caring for our older parents to provide that care better. I have also been working with the innovators at Electronic Health Network in solving the problems of exchanging health data and medical interoperability.

The industry has made a dent and improved the care of millions of those ill and aging by using mobile and digital health tools. But to truly turn around a whole population’s bad health habits, we all need to hold each other more accountable.

Very much like a sports team depends on each member of the team to do their job at the best of their ability, we as members of our community need to think about how we contribute.

By sharing our goals and the data that drives us to attain those goals with each other, we can accelerate our journey and get the success we want much quicker.

To do this we need a platform that is mobile going with us everywhere, and a wearable on our body capturing and signaling information without us noticing. By asking our close friends, family members, and doctors (our community) to join in our health journey, we can remain motivated to keep on our path for change.


My whole career in business development has been managing my relationships. Every business is built on a network of distributors and sales people that are building relationships with customers and partners. This is how businesses grow and how they continuously make their products better over time.

Well, I have found a company that allows me to attain both my health goals as well as my business goals at the same time – through the use of mobile and wearable technologies – “The Hottest Businesses on Earth” right now.

This company not only has the most advanced mobile wearable technology, but its business model is network marketing - meaning they enable their own customers to build personal income by engaging others in their health and business goals.

For those turned off by network marketing in the past, check your retirement portfolio for Berkshire Hathaway stock – you know, the multi-billion dollar company run by legendary investor Warren Buffet. Buffet just so happens to love network marketing companies and you own a piece of three of them if you own a share of Berkshire Hathaway (i.e. Kirby, Pampered Chef, and World Book).

We all live in what some people call a “connected society.” Throughout history, every society and culture has always been based on relationships and connectivity of the people in that society.

The difference today is that we can now be part of societies and cultures that are made of like-minded people from all over the world.

Before the telephone was invented, we had to be living near each other to be a connected society. Today, with the internet and mobile technologies, every member of THE SOCIETY can be living anywhere on earth they wish.

If you have not yet read the book, The Seventh Sense by Joshua Ramo, you should. Ramo brings all these realities together for us to truly understand the dynamics of our connectivity. As evident with the recent elections in the United States, Austria, Italy, England and Korea, and the dramatic shift of the Middle East, we are evolving rapidly into a new world.

This new world is all about relationships and connectivity. We are in the AGE OF NETWORK POWER where every connection changes the nature of all of our relationships.

Just think about LinkedIn or Facebook; every time we add a new connection, we get exposed to that person's ideas and connections.

On LinkedIn, we may see that our colleague is connected to someone we really want to talk to about business. So we ask our colleague to make an introduction. Including our colleague in the conversation with their new connection, we end up changing the dynamics of the relationship that we had first envisioned.

Same thing on Facebook, we make a post and one of our friends comments on that post, then one of their friends makes a comment, then we make a comment on that person's comment and later we determine whether we want to be Friends with that person or not.

This all continues with every interaction and very quickly our "society" has changed because of one exchange of ideas (or opinions).

So who is this tech company that helps me connect with my friends and family for a healthier lifestyle, while also offering me an opportunity to leverage my relationship building to earn significant revenue?

You are familiar with Fitbit, the wrist based device used for Fitness Tracking!?

Fitbit calculates your calories and your activities to help you keep track of your basic fitness. Fitbit started eight years ago selling over 130 million of their wearable devices to date. They are now worth $2 billion and they just bought their closest rival – Pebble.

Knowing that Fitbit sells millions of devices around the world and is worth $2 billion dollars today, if you could go back in time to be one of the first people involved in the company getting paid on every device sold anywhere in the world, would you have invested your time selling Fitbits and money investing in their stock?

The great thing about wearables is that they are compatible with everyone’s smartphones, so they are easily thought of to buy by people with smartphones.

It is expected that there will be 120 million wearable devices sold worldwide in 2016. With an estimated 2.6 BILLION smartphone users around the world, there is a huge market opportunity for anyone who is in the wearable tech business.

BUT, REMEMBER, its not the wearable that is important, its the platform (cloud and mobile) - where the data is held securely and analyzed to illustrate in a Dashboard your daily trends! The platform is where the intellectual property is most valuable. Of course, we have to have the wearables to capture the data. However, if the platform is designed correctly and interoperable so we can exchange data with other devices, then we have the most valuable piece of the puzzle!


What I am going to be talking about today is a company that has a wearable I consider the “FITBIT ON STEROIDS”! A device to capture the data we need to better manage our health. More importantly, the company has the platform to manage the data, aggregate it with other lifestyle and health data and create a picture of your health status that you, your family, and your doctor can easily understand and interpret how you are doing in building a healthy life.

The name of the company is Wor(l)D Media & Technology Corporation based in Miami FL with offices around the globe to serve the distribution of its products in all 195 countries of the World. They are publicly traded and last year generated over $150 million in revenue.

The initial product Wor(l)d has developed is the Helo wearable. Here is a quick video of the device.

Here is the YouTube channel providing all the promotional and training videos on the Helo so you can see the functionality as well as the detail Wor(l)d has gone to make sure the launch of the first product is a success. You'll also see information about the international sales meetings in Dubai and Singapore in 2017.

If you want to buy just one Helo for yourself and still be able to earn income from your friends you refer (because they WILL want a Helo!), go to my Wor(l)d GN website to order the Helo and the $12 monthly membership: http://DrGordonJones.WorldGN.com You'll miss out on the leadership role, but you'll still be able to benefit from your own sales.

Lauren Constantini does a great job talking about wearables: https://youtu.be/FESv2CgyJag You’ll hear her talk about many sensing measurement devices that shown on individual devices. Most of these we have (or will) aggregated into our one Helo Device.

Go to my LinkedIn page to learn more about me: www.LinkedIn.com/in/DrGordonJones and connect with me. Go to my Facebook page to learn more about me personally: www.Facebook.com/DrGordonJones

Watch Nattida’s interview with Fabio Galdi, CEO and Founder of Wor(l)d Media & Technologies: https://youtu.be/iFM78ZmhodU

Chad’s full explanation of the Wor(l)D compensation program: https://youtu.be/IsN4R2qOIHk

What is Direct Sales/Network Marketing and why does Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet own three network marketing companies? https://youtu.be/QFXJe8XAIi0

What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG) anyway? This video is from my friend Bruce Blausen, professional medical illustrator: http://blausen.com/en/video/stress-test--ecg/#

Here is a report on wearable fitness trackers – you’ll recognize right-off how the Helo is different and more encompassing than Fitness Trackers! http://www.wareable.com/fitness-trackers/the-best-fitness-tracker

12 Great TED Talks about connectivity, communications and wearables: https://www.wareable.com/wearable-tech/ten-ted-talks-wearable-tech-connected-self-555

Please join me in this adventure - it will be nothing like what you have experienced before. I promise!!

If you'd like to speak on conference, click on my calendar below.

Be Well, DrJ

Dr. Gordon Jones is a serial entrepreneur with his creative work born through his innovation development company, Birddog.Ventures. Follow him above, connect with him on LinkedIn, and/or view all of DrJ's Pulse articles!

The company continues the development of the functionality of the Helo (designed by famed Antonio De Rosa) with plans to launch a pulse oxygenation meter and a glucose meter integrated in the Helo device. For you diabetics out there, how will your life change when you don't have to prick your finger to take a reading, but instead just look at your Helo dashboard on your phone?!


I have been asked by the founders to help launch this product into the United States; I have committed to build a team of key leaders that have the opportunity to be very early in the leadership of this company.

Thinking about every other successful venture you've missed, if I gave you the opportunity to be one of my top leaders and to earn some revenue from every device sold through our worldwide organization, would you take that opportunity today?

If so! Here is what you do:

Step 1: Go to my store front at:


Click on the Helo Family [Executive] Package for $1280

You will be buying 4 Helos and getting 1 Free (perfect for Christmas presents)

This will secure your position to work with me personally to build our worldwide organization.

Then click on the Loyalty Membership for $59

This is covers the $12 monthly membership for each of your five devices that everyone pays to access the Helo apps and social health programs.

You will be asked to choose a user name that will become the name of your own Wor(l)d Helo website. Choose a name that you wish to promote and is easily remembered by others. http://username.worldgn.com

You are now in the wearable health tech business for under $2,000 including your first year's service. What other business allows you to enter the sector for so low a capital expense?

Once you have done all that, you can back out of the website and wait for your Helo devices to be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Between now and then, you and I will be planning a call to discuss our vision and goals together.

Now, next, call your stock broker or go to your online brokerage account and buy shares of WRMT. It’s an OTC trade and you can see by its ticker history that it is volatile. That is expected and if you’re a day trader that would be worrisome. However, we are in for the long term and we want to ride the success of the company over the next 10 to 20 years.

Not only will you benefit from all the sales that we will be generating, by owning stock in the company you will be an “owner” benefiting from the increase in the stock price that you are helping to drive up over the coming years of our great success. Watch this overview of the company, product and compensation plan.


So, in review:

1.  We are the only wearable health device on the market that provides all the services listed on the comparison sheet;

2.  We are the FIRST to market with both this technology and the network marketing business model;

3.  We are partnered with the $50 Billion Tech Giant TOSHIBA;

4.  We have a the most experienced network marketing talent in the world bringing their proven and easy-to-use system to the market leveraging the company’s expertise in technology;

5.  There are NO MEETINGS – we use texting, email, YouTube, and Webinars to get the job done!

6.  The compensation plan is Extremely Lucrative where the company pays out 50% of its Gross Revenues to the sales and marketing organization. 

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