Active Investors with a focus on Growth Stage companies ramping up Business Development

Investors in entrepreneurs have a special in-the-trenches wisdom gained through years of experience. This investor experience is now available to entrepreneurs and prospective early-stage investors through, a free, online curriculum that provides knowledge essential to improving startup investment.

What’s Your Startup Investor IQ?

This new website tests and builds startup investing knowledge for prospective investors and entrepreneurs through lessons culled by the Angel Capital Association, Angel Resource Institute and Kauffman Foundation. Check yours out.

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Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

At the end of the day, business develop is still based on personal relationships and aligning incentives between partners. At Birddog Ventures, we specialize in teaching our portfolio company executives our methods for rapidly expanding their presence in the market and quickly ramping up sales by partnering with companies who already have the customer.    


Birddog Ventures is a new type of venture firm. We invest our time, knowledge and funds in growth stages companies and even more importantly, their management team, to accelerate their growth. 

Our website is currently under construction; feel free to click through what we have available today.

What We Do

We "flush out" winner investments with a focus on growth companies with scalable products and/or solutions. 

We are founded on the Contrarian Principles of investing soundly when others are not recognizing the value; divesting timely when others are buying; and finding the best management teams to drive execution.

About Us

After more than 25 years working with startups and new innovations, our Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer - Dr. Gordon Jones - is on mission to serve individuals and teams of people, and help them grow their wealth as rapidly as possible and securely as the market forces enable. Feel free to review DrJ's LinkedIn Profile

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